Previewing an Individual Item

It is possible to preview any question, Text/HTML, or Multi-control item in a survey.  Select the item in the survey with a single click and then click the Preview Selected Item icon DS_Preview_Question_Icon.gif in the toolbar.


  1. Previewing an individual item will allow you to test how that question will display, and how it will behave when the user interacts with it, e.g. selects a radio button.  Validations defined on the Response Guides tab will not be enforced during single item preview.  To test such validations, users must do a full survey preview.
  2. When previewing an individual item, the previewer does not substitute actual parameter values for parameter value placeholders. It simply displays the placeholders. To preview the item with the actual parameter value instead of the placeholder, preview the entire survey.  See “Previewing a Survey” for details.