Adding a Print Button

It may be desirable to have a print button on the page of a survey or on the End Page. This will require adding a small amount of HTML to the source tab of a Text/HTML item.

To create a “Print this page” button:

  1. Add a Text/HTML object on the page you want respondents to be able to print.
  2. Click on the SOURCE tab of the Text/HTML object.
  3. Paste the following HTML onto the SOURCE tab:


<P align=center><INPUT onclick=window.print(); value=” Print this Page” type=button name=PrintButton style=”BACKGROUND-COLOR:#FF8000″></P>

You can replace “Print this Page” with your preferred button text, and you can replace the background color by changing the 6 digit hexadecimal code after BACKGROUND-COLOR:#.  Below is an example of how this button will render: