User Access Exclusions

Participant Properties can have Exclusions set to give Full, Read Only or Hidden access to Users or User Groups.

A Participant Definition may have multiple Exclusions applied.



  1. Must be logged in as a User with the Administrator and/or Study Administrator Role for the Study/Project or System
  2. Click on the Enterprise Manager Link in the upper right corner of the Discovery interface if not taken directly there at login.
  3. Expand the Project where the study is located
  4. Click on the Participant Lists link
  5. Click on the Edit Participant List Columns Icon
  6. Select the Standard Participant Definition tab or Custom Participant Definitions tab
  7. Click on the Edit Property icon in the row of the Property you wish to edit
  8. Select the User Access Exclusions tab
  9. Click Take Action/Add New User Exclusion
  10. Select the User/User Group
  11. Select the Exclusion Type
  12. Click Save and OK
  13. Repeat if multiple Exclusions are needed for the Definition


NOTE: If a User Group is given one access to a Definition but a user within that group is given different access, the access given to the user will always supercede the group access.