Built-In Participant Properties

When a new participant list is created, the Enterprise Manager builds out a table for that participant list, and that table comes with a set of already built-in columns.  These already built-in columns are a combination of commonly used participant fields (e.g. contact information, gender, DOB) and system variables that are automatically populated (e.g. the date/time the participant was uploaded, the date/time the participant was last modified).

There are 38 Built-In properties, and they can be viewed by:

  1. In the Enterprise Manager click Participant Lists
  2. Find the participant list on the right pane, and click View Participant List details
  3. Click on the Built-In Properties tab

Editing Standard Participant Properties

Every participant property has attributes that define it, similar to the way survey variables have attributes.  You can alter some of the attributes of a participant property, but some attributes cannot be altered.  The attributes that cannot be altered are:

  1. Name
  2. Data Type
  3. Display Type

Users may edit the following fields of a Standard Participant Definition:

  1. Label
  2. Property Group
  3. Order in Group
  4. Error Message
  5. Description
  6. Required
  7. Disabled
  8. Data Validation
  9. User Access Exclusions
  10. Scales – the values and the labels

To Edit a Built-In Participant Property:

  1. Must be logged in as a User with the Administrator and/or Study Administrator Role for the Study/Project or System
  2. Click on the Enterprise Manager Link in the upper right corner of the Discovery interface if not taken directly there at login.
  3. Expand the Project where the study is located
  4. Click on the Participant Lists link
  5. Click on the Edit Participant List Columns Icon
  6. Select the Built-In Property tab
  7. Click on the Edit Property icon in the row of the Property you wish to edit
  8. Once you have finished Click Save

NOTE: Properties added to a Derived list do not get automatically created on the Master List.