Adding Participants to a Derived List

A Master Participant List can be used to spawn multiple Derived Lists for different Surveys or Studies.

In this case Participants would be added to the Master List and then add a selected group to a Derived List.


The following steps assume a Derived List was already created.



  1. In the Enterprise Manager navigate to the desired Master Participant list.
  2. Using Filters, identify the Participants which you would like to add to the derived list
  3. Use the Select All SelectAllFilterIcon.gif check to mark the Participants
  4. From the Take Action drop-down, select Add Selected Participants to Derived List
  5. Decide to either create a new Derived list or use an existing one
  6. If it is an existing one, select from the available lists


  1. Click on Save and OK

Optional – If Creating a New Participant List

  1. Name the New List
  2. Select the Project for the New List
  3. Check any Custom Participant Definitions that should be inherited from the Master List
  4. Click Save and OK