Reusing Questions and Other Survey Objects

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The Survey Designer is designed so that survey objects can be easily reused.

There are three ways to reuse questions, question blocks and Text/HTML objects.

NOTE: The second method has some distinct advantages.

Copy from Survey to Survey

One way is to copy items from one survey to another. Simply open both surveys and drag the item to reuse from one survey into the other.

Copy Items from the Repository

It is possible to drag items out of the repository into a survey. If the item exists in the repository, this is the preferred method of reuse. You’ll find more detailed information about this in the Repository Overview.

NOTE: If a repository item appears with red text, it has not yet been approved for reuse, it cannot be dragged into a survey. Only approved repository items (those appearing in black) may be reused.

Sharing Survey Objects Through Email

Survey Objects can be dragged out of an existing survey and dropped into the text of an email. When this is done, the Survey Designer inserts an XML description of the object into the message.

The recipient of the message can highlight the XML, and then drag it into his or her own Illume survey. The Survey Designer will read the XML description and create an exact copy of the object inside the new survey.