Adding Page Breaks

Users control when to insert page breaks by inserting page breaks in desired locations.  It is not possible to set a survey-wide setting such as “the page should break after each question” – rather, users manually insert page breaks.

The one exception to the manual insertion of page breaks is in the situation of a question whose show state depends on the response to a prior question.   For example, if question number 10 asks a participant’s age and question 11 asks the participant’s employment status only if the participant is between 18 and 65 , then Illume will create a page break between questions 10 and 11, because it cannot know whether to present question 11 until after it receives the response to question 10.  In these situations, the page break is automatic and cannot be prevented.  The page break will not be visible within the designer – you will see the page break when you preview the survey.  You may want to manually insert your own page break after question 10 in this example, so that you remember that question 10 and 11 will not appear on the same page.

It is possible to also insert page breaks wherever desired.

To insert a page break:

  1. In the right pane of the Survey Editor, click on the item after which the desired page break is to appear. (If the item is not currently showing in the right pane, click on the collection that contains the item in the left pane of the Survey Editor.)
  2. Click the Add a page break… icon DS_PageBreakIcon.gif in the toolbar.

The page break appears after the item selected. Page breaks can be moved to another location by dragging and dropping them.

Page breaks can be deleted by right-clicking on them and selecting cut:


In general it is recommend to insert page breaks after every 3-4 items, to prevent your respondents or interviewers from having to vertically scroll to see all of the items on the page.  The number of items after which a page break should be inserted will therefore be somewhat dependent on the overall size of the items on the page.