Adding Text/HTML items

To add text to a survey (for welcome pages, consent forms, interviewer instructions, or other communications), or to embed ResourcesĀ like Flash animations, movies, Java applets or sound clips, use the Text/HTML Item editor.

To add any of these elements to your survey:

  1. In the right pane of the Survey Editor, click on the item after which the desired Text/HTML ItemĀ is to appear. (If the item is not currently showing in the right pane, click on the collection that contains the item in the left pane of the Survey Editor.)
  2. Click the Add Text/HTML icon DS_TextItemIcon.gif in the toolbar.
  3. Create the HTML in the HTML Editor. See “Using the HTML Editor” for detailed information about how to use the HTML Editor.
  4. Click OK to save your work.

Describing Text/HTML Items for the Data Dictionary

The Text/HTML editor includes a General tab where the unique name is entered. While a Text/HTML item can be given a unique name and a description, this information does not actually go into the data dictionary. The information is simply for reference.

Controlling Where and When Text/HTML Items Appear

Text/HTML items will be shown to all participants, appearing in the same order in which they appear in the Survey Designer. That is, if the Text/HTML item appears after the question called “INCOME” in the Survey Designer, it will appear after the question called “INCOME” in the participant’s survey.

Text/HTML items can be moved to any location in a survey by simply dragging it from its current location and dropping it into the desired location. Moving the item up will cause it to be displayed earlier; moving it down will cause it to be displayed later.

Show-if conditions can also be applied to a Text/HTML item, so that it will be displayed only when the conditions described are met. For information on how to create Show-if conditions, see “Setting Show-if Conditions”.

To preview a Text/HTML item select it in the right pane of the survey editor. Click the Preview selected item…DS_Preview_Question_Icon.gif button in toolbar.