Translating Survey Buttons

Illume 6.1 supports two templates, Default and Responsive, and each template handles buttons in a different manner. When using the Responsive template, the buttons are dynamically generated.  Different text can be provided per language for appropriate button display.  When in Survey – Preferences – Buttons, select the appropriate language from the language drop-down, and enter the desired button text in the Button Text field as shown below:


When using the Default Template, survey buttons are bitmap images, thus to have buttons appear in a different language, new buttons must be created and imported as Resources.  There are many free button-creator websites available for creating your alternate-language buttons.

Below are the ‘Next’, ‘Previous’, and ‘Submit’ buttons for a Spanish survey, which will be used as examples for the remainder of this section. Follow the steps below to include them in your survey.

Next:  T13        Previous:   T14       Submit:T15

  1. Right click each picture and save them to your computer.
  1. Open up your survey, go to Survey > Survey Resources.
  1. Add each picture
  1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Buttons tab
  1. Change the language in the bottom right corner of the window to ‘Spanish’ using the dropdown


  1. Click on ‘Next’ and you can change the Image by clicking on the button highlighted in the pictured below:


  1. Select the image you just uploaded for ‘Next’ and the button has now been changed
  1. The “Button Text” is the text that will be read if the respondent is using an assistive Screen Reader device for visual impairment.
  1. Repeat the steps above for the other buttons