Translating Multi-Control Questions

The Responsive template in Illume 6.1 does not support multicontrol questions and question tables.  When in the Default template, these question types are supported.  Any text that goes into a multi-control question or multi-control question table while in the Default template, such as row prompts, column headers, any other text, etc., will need to be placed in parameters as their text is not automatically inserted into the translation package like the text from standard questions.  The text that resides in the parameters will be part of the translation package that is created.

Follow the steps below to create parameters for these types of questions.

  1. Create your multi-control question. This example will ask the age of the participant in month and year.


  1. The above example has three pieces of text:
  • AGE
  • Years:
  • Months:

In a single language survey, the text would be typed out within the set-up of the multi-control question. However, we will be using parameters to insert this text in. This is how the above question is set up:


Use {ParamValue:PARAMETERNAME} to insert the text. In this case, for the text ‘AGE’, the parameter name used is AGE. The ‘Years:’ and ‘Months:’ text are within AGEYR and AGEMO as the prompt/label before:
T20 T21

  1. To create the parameters, go to Survey > Preferences > Parameters tab.


  1. The Parameter List has two columns:
  • Parameter Name
  • Parameter Value

The Parameter Name is the name used within the {ParamValue:PARAMETERNAME} and Parameter Value is the text you want displayed. For the three parameters that were referenced in step 2, the following are the parameters for the age question:


  1. If the parameters and the multi-control question are set up correctly, when it is previewed, it should show as:


  1. If a parameter value is incorrect, the following error message will be given when previewed: