Multilingual Email Jobs

The message in an Email Job can be configured for multiple languages.  The language sent to a specific Participant is based on the DATSTAT_LANGUAGE set for that Participant in the Participant List.  To configure multiple languages for an email job:

  1. First configure the email in English and Save.
  1. In the Email Message Tab of the Email Job, click on the add icon  next to the Language drop-down.
  1. Select the appropriate language from the drop-down and click Add.
  1. Repeat as needed.
  1. Continue to create the Email Message in all of the languages selected for the Email Job.


Message Enconding

When configuring the Email Message section of the email job, the Encoding selection is important as it must represent a character set that suits the language of the email message.  The encoding choices are:

  • Latin (ISO-8859-1) – Use this for sending email in any language that uses the Roman alphabet.
  • Chinese Simplified (GB2312) – This is the simplified Chinese character set.
  • Chinese Traditional (Big5) – This is the traditional Chinese character set.
  • Japanese (Shift-JIS) – This is a Japanese character set.
  • Korean (KSC 5601-1987) – This is a Korean character set.
  • UTF8 – This is a Unicode character set capable of representing virtually all characters in common use in any language.