Launching a Specific Language

Launching the specific language of a multilingual survey can be accomplished by appending the 4 digit LCID or the character based LCID to the end of the URL, e.g.

  • http://equinox/5-Collector/Survey.ashx?_n=Dare_To_Dream_Survey&Translation=1031
  • http://equinox/5-Collector/Survey.ashx?_n=Dare_To_Dream_Survey&Translation=fr-FR

The Data Dictionary item “DATSTAT.LANGUAGE” will store the language of the survey taken by the participant.


Language Selection Page

A web language selection page allows respondents to select their desired language from a presented set of languages, and have the survey redirect to that desired language.

To create a web language selection page, you must first obtain the URLs associated to each language, as noted above in “Launching a Specific Language”.  Every language has a unique LCID that can be appended to the survey URL to specify a specific language URL.

A text object may be placed at the start of a survey with hyperlinks to each language.  The URLs must append:

  • The LCID (&Translation=1031)
  • The participant ID (&LoginID={Response:DATSTAT_ALTPID}). Appending this ID to the URL for an authenticated survey ensures that when the survey authenticates with the new language URL, that the session is authenticated using the ID.  DATSTAT_ALTPID can be replaced with whatever authentication variable is used in the survey.
  • A tag that tells the survey to resume where it left off, once the link is clicked (&_RS_=1)

When the respondent clicks the link, he will resume on the language selection page and must click Next to move forward into the desired language.  You may consider adding text to the language selection page to instruct this fact.  Note: If the survey is to be launched offline, using the Remote Data Collection module, then the Survey URLs must be the RDC offline URLs as opposed to the web URLs.