Importing the Package

Once the xml that was sent to a third-party translation service and it has been received, or the language(s) have been inserted using the Translation Tool, the package may be reincorporated into the survey.

  1. In the survey manager, click on the survey that needs to have the translated package imported. Click on Translate > Translations


  1. Click on the ‘Add/update’ button


  1. Select the translated xml file. If you are translating to multiple languages, you will need to add each package.
  1. The translated package(s) should have been added under ‘Translations’. This sample survey only had one translation. Note: the default language of the survey may be changed using the dropdown.


  1. Click the ‘Save Survey’ button. The survey now has Spanish incorporated.

Using the Survey Designer when Translating and Previewing

Once the Translation Package has be added to the Master Survey further editing can take place in any language that the survey contains.

Work with a Survey in a Specific Translated Language

  1. Open the Translated Survey in the Designer Client.
  1. It will open first in the Default Language.
  1. Click Edit \ Language and select the language to work in.


  1. All of the Survey Objects will open in the chosen language.

Changing the displayed Language for a Survey Object

When working on a survey in multiple languages it is possible to move between the languages to maintain the context of the translation.

  1. While in a Survey Object e.g. a Question or Text/HTML Item, there will be a Language drop-down at the bottom of the item
  1. Select the Language

NOTE: Any edits made in the selected language will be saved when the survey is saved.

Adding New Survey Objects in a Translated Survey

Once the survey has been translated and reviewed a new, or additional, Question or Text Item may needed.  The ability to move between languages in a single Object will allow it to be translated without having to create a Translation Package.