Question Table – Show If on Rows

The section describes how to include syntax in your multicontrol table to control the conditions under which the table rows are shown.  It is NOT possible to insert show-if logic on question table columns.  Show-if is only supported on rows of a question table.

The syntax below can be entered while on the Rows tab of the multicontrol editor, in the show-if field. Example: GENDER _eq_ 1.  This syntax would cause the row to show if Gender equals 1.

Row Elements

Attribute Name Required Values
showIf No This is a simple ShowIf expression of the form:”variable” “op” “value”, where “variable” is the name of a survey variable, “op” is an operator as listed below, and “value” is the value of the variable”op” is any of the following operators:‘_eq_’ is equals‘_ne_’ is not equals

‘_lt_’ is less than

‘_gt_’ is greater than

‘_lteq_’ is less than or equals

‘_gteq_’ is greater than or equals

‘_ans_’ is answered

‘_nans_’ is not answered

“value” is a required value except if the _ans_ or _nans_ operators are used.

NOTE:  For show-if logic based on check box items, the appropriate format is GENDER_eq_True rather than GENDER_eq_1

If the show-if conditions for a row are based on more than one variable, it is not possible to concatenate this syntax for two variables.  Rather, you must create a calculation that outputs to true under your conditions, and then use that calculation in your show-if logic.

For example, let’s say a row is to show if Gender = 1 and if Age=18.  You need to create a calculation (we’ll name that calculation “GENAGE_CALC”)  such as


This calculation will output a “1” if the two conditions are met.  Next, in the show-if field of the multicontrol table editor, you would insert: