Creating Preload/Hidden Variables for Multi-Control Fields

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Multi-control questions and question tables are unique from standard questions in that users must not only define the display through the question editor, but must also define Preload/Hidden variables for each field within the multi-control object.

  1. From the Survey menu select Preload/Hidden Variables
  2. Click Add
  3. The Unique name should match the Variable names or Prefixes used in the Control Type Configuration
  • If creating a Single Question or Text Field Row Prompt, the Hidden Variables should have the same name as the Survey Variable name used for the cell or field.
  • If creating a Question Table, the Variable Prefix and the number of rows will determine the Variable Name. (e.g. prefix=”Q_” and there are 3 rows). This will require the creation of 3 Hidden Variables (Q_1, Q_2, Q_3), which correspond to the number of rows that are in the table.
  1. Select the Value Type as either Single-Value or Multi-Value(Check All).  If creating a Single-Value type, select the Data Type as well for the field.
  2. Keep the Default Value as None
  3. Enter a Prompt Description of the field.  It is important to use a meaningful description, as this description will be in your data dictionary
  4. Click OK
  5. Repeat Steps 1-9 for each field in the Multi-Control Question/Question Table



If a Check All Question is being used then Click on the Scale tab and Name and Display Text for each response.