Save Study as Templates

Saving a Study as a Template speeds up Study creation and maintains consistency of Study Workflow. Study Templates are saved within the same database, so they can be used in turn to create new Studies. To use Study Templates in a different instance of DatStat Discovery (meaning a different database and installation), the Study would have to be Exported.


To Save a Study as a Template:

  1. Log in to Enterprise Manager as either the System Administrator or a User with sufficient permissions to work with in the project the study is in.
  2. Expand the appropriate Project
  3. Select the Studies icon
  4. Select the Save as Template Icon SaveStudyAsTemplateIcon.gif in the row of the study to use
  5. Enter the Template Name and Description
  6. Select the Project where this Template will reside – Make sure it is in a project that the appropriate people can access


  1. Click Save and OK