Creating a New Study

Add Study

To create a new Study without an existing file or template, follow the steps below:

NOTE: The Derived Participant List intended for use with the Study must be created first.

  1. Must be logged in as a User with the Administrator and/or Study Administrator Role for the Study/Project or System
  2. Click on the Enterprise Manager Link in the upper right corner of the DatStat Gateway interface if not taken directly there at login
  3. Expand the Project where the study will be located
  4. Click on the Studies icon
  5. Click on Take Action in the upper left
  6. Select Add Study
  7. Enter the Study Name and Study Description – Optional
  8. Change the Project if desired
  9. Select the Participant List that will be used for this study
  10. If Case Owners will be used in this Study Check the “Enable Case Owner” checkbox. This will Enable that definition in the Participant List

NOTE: Only Derived Lists may be used for a Study

  1. Edit the Alternate Study Terms if desired
  2. If a System Extension is going to be added, click on the System Extension Tab and enter the SDK Username and Password
  3. Click Save and OK