Add Study from Template

  1. Must be logged in as a User with the Administrator and/or Study Administrator Role for the Study/Project or System
  2. Click on the Enterprise Manager Link in the upper right corner of the DatStat Gateway interface if not taken directly there at login
  3. Expand the Project where the study will be located
  4. Click on the Studies icon
  5. Click on Take Action in the upper left
  6. The Import Study Screen opens
  7. Select Add Study from Template
  8. The Add Study from Template Screen opens
  9. Select Create New Master Participant List, Merge with Existing Master participant List or Import as a Template
  10. Provide a name for the new Master Participant List
  11. Provide a name for the new Derived Participant List

NOTE: Names must be unique for each Participant List and Study across the DatStat Instance.


  1. Enter the name of the new Study or Study Template
  2. Select the Project for the Study or Study Template
  3. Browse to find the XML file to import for the study
  4. Add a Description if desired
  5. Click Next
  6. A window will come up with warnings about any caveats to the import
  7. Click Next
  8. Import will begin, on complete a link will be available to begin configuring the study or click OK to finish