Iterate Until Done

Example of an”Iterate until done” loop Summary Table


With this type of looping, the respondent continues to iterate through the defined Illume questions that are part of the Loop either until the respondent decides no more loops need to occur, or until a maximum number of Loops has been reached, as defined on the Loop Iteration Guides tab.  This maximum can be hard coded, or can be based on the response to a question.  For example, Q1 in the survey may ask, “How many people are in your family?”  This value can be piped into the Maximum Allowed field to limit the number of Loops to the number entered into the Q1 field.

Creating an Open-Ended Loop


  1. Create the Loop Object from the Add menu/Loop
  2. Enter the appropriate information in the General Tab
  3. Select Iterate until done in the Loop Iteration Tab


  1. In the Loop Options tab, enter the Table Prompt, and the appropriate values for the Minimum and/or Maximum number of loops.  If no Summary Table is desired, uncheck the Summary Table check box and enter only the Required Number of Iterations.

NOTE: If no Minimum or Maximum is set the Loop is considered not required

  1. In the Loop Summary Columns Tab, add the desired columns for the Summary Table.  The table does not need to include all of the variables within the loop.
  2. For the Loop Summary Options Tab, by default the buttons and indicators are set in preferences. To create custom button text, or use a different button graphic, uncheck Use Survey Preferences.
  3. To create custom indicators of Answered/Unanswered Loops uncheck the Use Survey Preferences.
  4. Set the appropriate Show-If logic for the Loop Object if desired and Click OK to save.