Additional Licensed Features

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DatStat provides several add-ons to expand Illume/Discovery’s features and functionality.

The SDK, Translation Tools and Remote Data Collection require special licensing. For information on obtaining any of these additional tools, contact DatStat.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Through Illume’s open API, the SDK allows for easy integration of DatStat Illume/Discovery into an existing data infrastructure and creates additional customization. The SDK exposes a number of areas of the application and database to enable a broad range of custom capabilities for surveys and studies, as well as interactions between the survey data in DatStat Illume and other systems.

Remote Data Collection

Illume’s Remote Data Collection tool enables survey teams to collect data offline on their local machine. This is particularly useful when collecting data in locations where an internet connection may not be available. There is no advanced knowledge required for using this tool.
Remote Data Collection allows interviewers (CAPI) and respondents (CASI) to use Illume to enter survey data on mobile computers in areas where an Internet connection is not available or is unreliable.  Server synchronization capabilities post-collection provide secure transfer of data between the server and remote device.

Translation Module

With the Translation Module, organizations can launch Illume surveys in more than 100 different languages.  This module is designed to work with third-party translation vendors or in-house translators.

This module allows Users to extract the text strings from their survey and put them into a format for either in-house translation or translation by an external translation vendor.  The translation can be into any left-to-right reading language.  Once translation is complete in any number of languages, the translations are incorporated back into the survey via the translation module.  This allows for distribution of a single survey in multiple languages (rather than requiring a separate survey for each language).  It also allows for the ability to toggle between languages while editing the survey in the Illume survey designer, for quick review and editing across languages.