Activating the Illume License

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DatStat products require a valid license. The license is activated in the Enterprise Manager by importing a license file provided by DatStat Support.

If DatStat has performed the install, this will be taken care of during the installation process.


Expiration Date of the DatStat License

By default, the DatStat License will expire one year from its creation.

Users will see an expiration warning 30 days prior to the expiration date.

Warning in Discovery Interface:


Warning in Survey Designer Client:


NOTE: After the expiration date has passed without updating the license, participants will be able to continue taking the surveys.  However, the only User that will be able to login to the system will be the Local Administrator account which is needed to Import the new license file.

The login will be inactive to anyone but the Local Administrator.


When the Local Administrator logs into the system they will only see the System License and Application Settings options.