Email Scheduling Properties

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Batch Size

  • Send no more than ___ Emails per ___: This limits the rate at which Illume sends out Email. Limits can be set to lessen the burden on the server or to not flag as an internal SPAM issue.Time intervals include Minute, Hour, Day, and Week.


NOTE: The mailer frequency is the maximum number of Emails that Illume will send in a specified time period. This setting does not guarantee that the Emails will be sent at the set frequency. It only ensures that Emails will not be sent more frequently than specified.

The Email Job’s actual frequency depends on network conditions and the availability of system resources. For example, during periods when the outgoing mail server is busy, the actual rate at which Illume sends Email may be well below the maximum frequency you requested.

Start and Stop Conditions

Email Jobs can be scheduled to start on a specific date, or on a relative date. A relative date is a specified number of days after the participant received Email from another Email Job. Email Jobs can be scheduled to end on a specific date, or when specific conditions are met.

NOTE: Only one type of start condition and one type of stop condition apply. For example, if you click the Save button with a stop date specified, then the stop conditions will not apply.

Email Job start and stop conditions apply only to the Email Job. They do not apply to the survey.

Start Conditions

There are three possible start conditions for an Email Job.  Only one condition may apply for an Email Job.

  • Manual – Will be started by an individual at some point
  • Start on a Specific Date


  • Send as a Follow-up to Another Email Job


Stop Conditions

  • Manual Stop – Can be set to Automatically Stop the Job when no more Participants can be sent the email based on the conditions. If set to No it will wait and periodically check to see if any additional Participants have been added to the Participant List that meet the appropriate conditions. If Yes, then it will go through the entire Participant List and send then stop when the end is reached.



  • Stop on a Specific Date – Will stop sending email on the date and time even if new Participants are added that meet the send criteria.


  • Stop When One of these Conditions is Met:
  1. When a defined number of participants have been emailed. This is an absolute number.
  2. When a percentage of the participant list has been emailed. This is a relative number. Once the percentage of the list is reached, the email job pauses. If more participants are added to the list, it will send more emails.
  3. When a defined number of participants complete the survey. This is an absolute number.
  4. When a defined percentage of participants from the participant list finish the survey. This is a relative number and will pause the email job when the percentage is reached. More participants may take the survey after the email job has stopped, as long as the survey remains running. If more participants are added to the participant list, the job may be restarted.