Creating an Email Job

To create an Email Job:

  1. Log in to Enterprise Manager as either the Local Administrator or a User with sufficient permissions to work with Email Jobs and the projects they are in.
  2. Expand the appropriate Project
  3. Select the Email Jobs icon
  4. Select Take Action/Add Email Job
  5. After entering the appropriate General and Job Scheduling properties go to the Email Message Tab.
  6. When finished Click Save
  7. When ready to begin the Email Job click the Enable icon in the Email Job Data Grid.

The email job tab of the Project page

Settings Tab

General Email Job Properties

  • Email Job Name – The Email Job needs a name to distinguish it from other Email Jobs.
  • Project – This is the parent project of the Email Job. The Email Job will be listed in the Data Grid once it has been saved.
  • Survey – Select a Survey to link to the Email Job
  • Participant List – The members of the participant list or lists will be the recipients of the Email. To select more than one list, hold the Ctrl button while selecting Participant Lists
  • Send Email To:
    • Participants who have not started the survey
    • Participants who have started the survey but haven’t finished
    • Participants who have finished the survey