Viewing Survey Status

The General tab of the Survey page includes information about your survey’s response rate, including:


  • The number of completed surveys. These are surveys that have been submitted (i.e. the participant reached the end of the survey and clicked the Submit button).
  • The number of partial surveys. These have some answers, but are incomplete (the participant did not click the Submit button at the end of the survey).
  • The number of surveys not started. This is the number of participants invited to the survey who have not yet started the survey.
  • The total number of participants invited to take the survey.



The bar graph to the right of the response summary data provides a visual representation of the same information. The dark color indicates the number of completed surveys. The light color indicates the number of active surveys, and white indicates the number of inactive surveys. The total of the three is equal to the number of invited participants.

Note: it is possible to change participant lists while a survey is actively collecting responses. When this happens, the number Not Started and Total categories may change. For example, your survey begins with 100 participants, and 90 respond. The survey status shows 90 completed surveys and 10 not started, for a total of 100. Then you delete the original participant list and replace it with a new list of 500 participants. The survey status now shows 90 completed surveys, 500 not started (because no one from the new list has responded) and 590 total. If you want accurate statistics about response rates, don’t delete participants from the participant list(s) associated with your survey.


Time Period

The submission data in the General tab always represents submissions for the time period displayed in the Time Period list. Time periods are generally used in longitudinal studies in which each participant is asked to fill out a survey several times.

Choose a different time period to see submission info for that period. See the Time Period article for a general discussion of time periods.

Response History

The bars below the submission summary show your survey’s day by day response history. See Response History for details.