Managing Test Data

Illume can generate random test data for a survey. This is useful for testing queries.


Adding Test Data

To add test data to your survey:

  1. Click the Test Data tab on the Survey page.
  2. Type the number of rows of test data you want to create in the Number of rows field.
  3. Click Add Rows.

Illume creates the test data a few rows at a time while a progress bar displays the number of rows created.

Removing Test Data

To remove test data:

  1. Click the Test Data tab on the Survey page.
  2. Click Delete Rows.

When test data is removed from a survey, Illume deletes all participant responses that have the “test data” flag set to true. This includes test data that were submitted by any Testers. Please see Adding Participant List Members to learn more about creating Testers.

Populating Preload Variables with Test Data

Test data can be generated for preloaded questions (i.e. hidden questions that have a user name assigned to them). Please note that test data is still not able to be generated for hidden questions whose values are not preloaded from a participant list.


  1. Create a participant list that contains 1 or more test participants.

NOTE: This participant list should contain test participants that contain user data fields and values that are used by preloaded questions in the survey.

  1. Associate the list to a Published or Test Published Survey
  2. Add up to 100 rows of test data, must be no more that the list of test participants
  3. Query using the Test Data check box in the Queries Properties