Using DatStat Internal variables with Data Import

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DatStat Internal variables set by the Data Import process

Values for the following list of DatStat Internal variables are set by both the Data Import and Remote Data Collection components.



Values for this variable indicate the date and time this survey session was imported. This variable is also set when data has been uploaded using Remote Data Collection.



Possible values for this variable are “1 – Remote Data Collection” and “2 – Imported”. Data Import will set this variable to a value of 2.



This variable will be set to the user name of the user that performed the data import for each survey session. This variable is also set when data has been uploaded using Remote Data Collection.

Importing data into Internal DatStat variables

It is possible to import data into the most of the internal DatStat survey variables. However, the following list of internal variables is not supported. There is no harm in including these variables in the data file, but they will be ignored without any errors being reported.


Importing data into the DATSTAT.SESSIONID variable

The final value for this variable in the imported survey session will ALWAYS be different than the value specified in the data file. The purpose of specifying this column is so the same participant can be stamped in the newly created imported survey session as the previous session identified by this value.


In general it is a good idea to include this column in the data import data file if the data being imported was downloaded from a survey in the SAME DatStat Illume system. This column is ignored and a new value will be provided if importing data that originated from a different DatStat Illume system or a survey system other than DatStat Illume.


This participant value isn’t exposed via the Data Manager, but it is used to retrieve the survey session of a participant when a participant is resuming a survey or when the system needs to determine if the participant already took the survey. This information is also used when determining whether to send an email to a participant based on the criteria set in the email job.