Viewing the Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary tab of the survey page shows all of the variables in the survey, along with variable data types, display types, descriptions and scales.


At the top of the data dictionary is a list of collections. Click any collection to see the list of variables belonging to that collection. Click ALL to see all of the variables in the survey.


The data dictionary displays the following items:

  • Variable Name – The name of the question/variable as it appears in the Survey Designer, in queries and data downloads.
  • Data Type – The type of data collected for this question/variable.
  • Display Type – The type of HTML control used to display this question in the survey.
  • Description – A description of the question. If the person designing the survey did not supply a description for a question, then question prompt appears as the description.
  • Scale – If the question has a scale, the scale values and labels appear in a table below the question description.