Segregating Data with Cross Survey Views

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Cross survey views may include filters to limit the data that show up when users run queries. This makes filters an effective means of segregating data.

For example, assume a fielded survey called “My Survey,” that has collected 1000 responses. Data privacy rules may dictate that a restricted analyst in your organization can have access only to data submitted by certain participants: such as those over 18 who have explicitly opted in to a program.

Let’s assume “My Survey” includes about 600 participants who meet these criteria.

By creating a cross survey view called “My Survey View” containing all of the questions from “My Survey,” then adding the filters AGE >= 18 and OPT_IN = Yes. “My Survey View” effectively becomes a restricted view of the original survey, including results from only those 600 participants who meet the criteria.

This view can now safely be shared with the restricted analyst described above.

Simply enable the view and check the “shared” option so that others may see it.

Make sure the restricted analyst has no rights to see the original “My Survey,” but does have rights to see “My Survey View.” (The System Administrator, who is responsible for creating Users, can set roles and privileges for each User in the system.)