Editing Cross Survey View Properties

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4To edit the properties of a cross survey view from the Project page:

  1. Click the Cross Survey View tab.
  2. Click Properties next to the name of the Cross Survey View.



To edit properties from the Cross Survey View page, click the Properties button in the upper right corner of the page.

The Properties Dialog

The properties dialog includes the following properties:

  • Name – The name of the cross survey view.
  • Description – A description of what the cross survey view contains.
  • Parent Project -The project to which the view belongs. The cross survey view is listed on the project page of itsparent project. If the view is shared, anyone with access to the parent project has access to the view. There may be times to move a view into another project because someone who only has access to the other project wants access to the cross survey view.
  • Shared – Cross survey views are private by default, meaning that only the person who created the view can see it and query it. Checking the Shared option, makes the view available to others for querying. Whether the view is shared or not, only the creator can edit the surveys and questions that make up the view.



Edit these as necessary and click OK to save the changes.