Setting Response Requirements on a Group of Questions

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Setting Response Requirements on a Group of Questions

All questions inherit a survey-wide “required” setting which describes whether questions are optional or required. Each individual question within a survey can override the survey-wide option. (See the links below for more information on survey-wide and question-specific settings.)

Illume also provides a convenient way to set whole groups of questions as “required” or “optional.”

  1. Select several items in the right pane of the survey editor. This can be done by holding down the Control key while clicking on each of the items, or click a single item, then hold down the shift key while clicking another item. Holding the shift key causes everything between the first and second items clicked to be selected.
  1. Right click anywhere within the selected group and choose Set Required from the context menu.
  1. Choose one of the two “Response Required” options to apply to the selected group.The Use preferences setting option causes the questions to inherit the survey-wide default setting, which appears in red text.The Always use the following setting option overrides the survey-wide setting.
  1. If selecting a mix of questions and collections, and the setting to apply to all of the items within the collections selected, check the box labeled Include items in selected collections.
  1. Click OK to apply the settings.


When checking the Always use the following setting option, the setting continues to apply to the selected questions, no matter what the survey-wide “required” setting. The only way to change the setting is to manually change the “required” setting for the specific question or group of questions.

NOTE: The settings applied to a selected group does not apply to attached text fields. These are always optional by default.

In a multilingual survey, response guides, such as whether or not a question is required, apply across all translations of the survey. The error messages may be set individually for each translation, as described in Setting a Question’s Response Guides.