Reviewing and Editing Comments

Reviewing and Editing Comments

You can review and edit comments to any question, Text/HTML item, or page break in a survey. Comments are available only to those editing the survey; participants cannot see them.

To review all survey comments at once, select Tools –┬áReview All Comments from the Survey Designer menu.


Adding Comments from within Survey Designer

To edit or review comments from within the Survey Designer:

  1. In the right pane of the Survey Editor, click on the item to which you want to attach a comment. (If the item is not currently showing in the right pane, click on the collection that contains the item in the left pane of the Survey Editor.)
  1. Click Comments to the left of the item.
  1. (Optional) You can add your own comments by typing them into the Add Comments area at the bottom of the Comment Editor.
  1. Click OK to close the Comment Editor.

Adding Comments from the Survey Previewer

In the Previewer, you can add comments only to questions. To review or edit comments from the Survey Previewer, simply click the Comments icon next to the question prompt.