Setting Data Dictionary Options

Illume Next surveys include a Data Dictionary, which is automatically generated. The Data Dictionary lists all variable names, question prompts, and response options. The Data Dictionary is available to view and print.

6.5 - DatStat Illume Survey Manager - Using the Survey Designer - Working with Questions - Setting Data Dictionary Options


Unique Name

This is the name of the variable in which responses to the current question will be stored. For example, if this question is given the name HOMEPHONE, then the data that participants give in response to this question will be stored in a database field called HOMEPHONE.  The name supplied here will also appear as the name of the current question in the Survey Designer. Although Illume Next generates the data dictionary automatically starting with Q1 for questions, it may be beneficial to exercise some additional control over what goes into the data dictionary to assist your analysts.

A unique name must start with a letter, and can contain any combination of letters, numbers, underscores (_), or hyphens (-). Unique names must be 20 characters or less in length.


If the description is left blank, Illume Next automatically uses the question prompt as the description in the data dictionary.  At times, however, the user may want to provide more information than the prompt can give.

If a description is typed here, that description, rather than the question prompt, will appear in the data dictionary. This can help quite a bit when analyzing data and trying to determine how the variable AGE1 differs from AGE2.

Runtime Only

By default, the data collected in a survey question is persisted into the data set.  Check the runtime only box if responses to the current question should not be stored with the rest of the data collected in the survey. Runtime only data are available to Illume Next when a participant is taking a survey and are discarded when the survey is submitted. This type of data is often used in calculated variables and show-if conditions.  Runtime only variables will not appear in the data dictionary, and will not be available for download in the Data Manager.