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Illume Next: Getting Started

Build a Survey
The first step to collecting quality data for a longitudinal research is building the survey or form. Learn how to add questions, images, and text; define response options; add show-if logic; and more.

Add Participants
In this step, you will learn how to create a list of participants (cleverly referred to as a “participant list”), import it into the Illume Survey manager and connect it to your survey to begin collecting data.

Collect Data
This first step to collecting data is administering the survey to participants via email communication. Follow the steps in this guide to set up an “email job” within the Illume Enterprise Manager.

View Data
This guide provides a step-by-step process on how to view, query, and download survey data so you can run the proper analysis.

Illume: Survey Manager

Survey Manager Basics
An easy access location to manage all of your surveys throughout the development stages – creating, editing, and publishing – and other administrative duties.

Survey Workflow
Survey workflow is the process of moving a survey from initial design to publication. Read this guide for a more in-depth tutorial for how to create, edit, validate, and publish a survey using Illume Survey Manager.

Publishing surveys begins the data collection process, making them available to participants. Learn about this process – publishing, unpublishing, suspending, and time periods – by reading this guide.

Survey Search
Survey Search gives you the ability to create libraries of surveys and label them with search terms for easy retrieval. Learn how to find surveys by status, use categories and values, and more about survey search.

Illume: Survey Designer

Working with Basic Questions
Collecting data from participants starts with creating your first question. Read this guide to learn more about working with basic questions, logic, and variables within the Illume Survey Designer.

MultiControl Questions and Tables
Single or multiple questions requiring more than one field to be entered can be created using the Multi-Control Runtime Content Object. Learn more about multi-control question types and how best to use them.

Looping allows a participant to enter information for one or more questions multiple times (e.g. entering basic information for each member of their family).

Working with Collections
Collections are groups of related questions. With collections you can easily drag and drop them into other surveys; apply show-if conditions to the entire collection; query and download data of grouped questions.

Other Survey Objects
Illume is equipped with a complete set of question types and survey objects you can utilize to engage participants and capture the proper data.

Using the Repository
The repository stores questions, question tables and Text/HTML items for reuse on multiple surveys, providing several advantages including: consistency, cross-survey queries, and universal access.

Setting Survey Preferences and Styles
Illume gives you a comprehensive set of survey preferences which can be used to customize various visual and functional aspects of your surveys. Read this guide to learn more about these available preferences.

Quota Management
Quota Management is used to manage, or limit, the number of participants from a particular group who are able to take your surveys.

Previewing and Printing
Previewing allows you to see surveys almost exactly as your participants or interviewers will, with the added ability to add comments to particular questions. From here, you can print the survey layout.

Using Calculated Variables
Calculated variables use responses to survey questions to calculate and store new variables while a participant progresses through the survey. Read this guide to learn more about using calculated variables.

Validations are used within surveys to standardize participant responses to fit a predefined format (e.g. mm/dd/yyyy), range (age must be between 18-99), or some other characteristic.

Survey Security
Illume gives you control over several security settings, including browser cookies, interviewer sign ins, and survey session timeout. Read this guide to learn more about changing these security preferences.

Enterprise Manager

Server Management
Read this guide to learn how about all aspects of server management, including setting up email communication; managing users and user roles; and configuring site groups.

Within the Enterprise Manager, you can review, activate, import, and export your DatStat License. Follow this guide to learn how to perform each of these activities.

Participant Lists and Properties
Participant lists contain key information, or properties, on survey or study participants. This data can be used, or piped, into surveys, studies, and emails to personalize communications and survey questions.

Enterprise Manager Surveys
The Enterprise Manager allows users to see surveys that have been checked into and/or published within a project. Global Survey Login Events can also be created and managed in this location.

Email Jobs
Emails are helpful for sending survey links, reminders, and other communication with participants. Read this guide to learn about creating, scheduling, and other email capabilities within the Enterprise Manager.

Manage Studies
The “Manage Studies” view within the Enterprise Manager gives you the capability to manage studies, participant lists, and study templates.

Data Manager

Data Manager Surveys
Within the Data Manager, you are able to view survey performance, set quotas, manage data, and export into a file ready for analysis. Read this guide to become more familiar with the Data Manager.

Queries allow you to filter, sort, cross-tab and analyze survey data. Learn more about queries, including: creating, running, and sharing queries; using them to create charts; and downloading results.

Data Dictionary
The data dictionary provides a complete list of variables, and their individual parameters, used within your surveys. Use this guide to learn more about different variables types and working with data dictionaries.

Cross Survey Views
A cross survey view provides a means of querying similar questions across multiple surveys. Read this guide for examples and steps for creating cross survey views.

Reports can help provide quick ways to run queries on collected survey data. Read this guide to learn how to create, design, schedule, and other functionalities of the data manager reporting.

Data Import
Data Import aggregates data collected by other survey systems, or methods, into a DatStat Illume survey. It can also facilitate data management (e.g. modifications, removal of variables or submissions).

DatStat Modules

Remote Data Collection
Remote Data Collection (RDC) gives you the ability to capture data in areas where internet access is sparse or nonexistent.

The Translation module for the DatStat Platform allows you to program surveys in multiple languages to cater the needs of your population.

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