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Release Date: July 15, 2016

This maintenance release was focused on fixing a number of high priority bugs. Ten bugs and one improvement were addressed as part of this release.

The most notable fixes include changes that were made to participant lists and their properties to prevent errors and limitations for users trying to edit existing participant list properties.

New Features

There are no new features for the Illume 6 product as part of this maintenance release.


  • Illume’s database has been altered so that it is compatible with Azure SQL allowing Illume databases to be hosted in the Azure cloud.

Resolved Bugs


  • Illume Administrators can now configure participant lists in their systems to use the Relations feature and configure relation options.
  • Users no longer receive an “Object Reference Error” that prevents them from editing and saving any changes to the DATSTAT_CASEOWNER property on a participant list.
  • Importing participant data no longer requires that the DatStat built in properties be capitalized. Importing built in property data is now case insensitive.
  • Participant lists will no longer be corrupted by “ghost” scale values being added to the DATSTAT_TEST variable. The “ghost” scale values are no longer being created each time the property is edited and saved.
  • Partial submissions are not displaying properly in the audit log in the Data Change module when they are synced from RDC.
  • The radio/checkbox control size setting in the survey style tree now properly affects the sizing of both radio options and checkboxes.
  • Extra instructional messaging has been added to the Multi-Control question and Multi-Control question table editors to warn users that the preloads they create for their questions must have a value type that is compatible with the control type being used.
  • Submissions created through the data import feature are now displayed on the General tab of the Data Manager when viewing a survey.


  • Users can again configure nested study tasks in Discovery to close automatically with a specified status code when the parent study task is closed.
  • Users are again able to use the “Create Contact Log Entry with Selected Status Code” feature in Discovery when configuring communication tasks in their workflows.
  • Participant survey study tasks no longer get automatically updated to a final complete status code as soon as the survey is launched

Known Issues

  • Content for SMS communication study tasks gets wiped out when the study is designated as a study template.
  • Parameters with a lower case name return an error when attempting to change the name or value configuration for the parameter.
  • The Data Change module will only display 25 survey sessions in its datagrid if there are more than 500 sessions in the database for that survey.
  • The session refresh notification that warns users they are about to be logged out for being idle for 20 minutes does not pop while working in a modal.
  • Users cannot view audit log data in the Data Change module without the sessionGet privilege at the system level.
  • The Data Change module will only display 25 surveys in its datagrid if there are more than 500 surveys published on the system.
  • The Survey Comments Summary feature in the desktop client does not display survey comments in the Review All Comments list.
  • “Last modified by name” column header uses the database column name instead of the end user label in Discovery.
  • Hidden properties should be hidden from all data grids, not just the data grids when viewing participants.
  • Users who try to launch surveys from Discovery that they do not have permissions to access will experience an internal server error.
  • Individual column filters for a datagrid in Data Change are not always blank by default.
  • When viewing/editing queries in Data Chagne the clear/”x” button does not work in the query details pane after updating the query.
  • Unique state of properties in the Import participants modal Duplicate Participant Warnings section do not match configured states.
  • Data Change feature is not disabled when Data Change is not enabled in the license.
  • Improper dropdown menu shown while copying nested tasks.
  • When saving content on a tab, the user gets redirected to the first tab on that particular page instead of back to the tab they were working on.
  • Users receive an error when trying to change the data type of a participant property when participants on the system have invalid values for the new format.
  • When viewing a submission in the data change module the “comment” column should be hidden and not required when making changes on a system that does not have auditing enabled.
  • Prompt headers are not displayed in question tables when taking an Illume survey.
  • The Reports table in Data Manager does not display the owner of reports listed in the table until the report has been published and the user logs out and back in to the system.
  • Assign actions should be removed when the participant list for the action group is changed.
  • Participant list columns of type date/time cannot be changed to another type even if no participant on the list has a value within that column.
  • Hidden tag is not supported for use with check all that apply questions.
  • Participant address remains in the participant information section of the participant details page even when the “Set participant properties” checkbox is unchecked.
  • When viewing the Scheduled Task Execute Events tab under the Study Task Events section, the message should say “No scheduled task execute events defined” instead of “No scheduled task runtime events defined.”
  • Participant Assign Action on save shows the Study Arm GUID Value instead of the Study Arm Name.
  • Multiple workflow events can be added to study task, and milestone event sections if the user clicks the Add Workflow Event icon and closes the modal without clicking save several times in row without refreshing the page.
  • Participant data properties cannot be used for survey authentication.
  • SDK GetResponseDataType does not return accurate information when variables does not exist in the survey.
  • Special characters (%$#) used in file names cannot be referenced from survey resources.
  • Selecting the “Resource” option in the style editor for Backgroundimage without adding a resource causes an exception.
  • When viewing an individual session data in the web console, if the survey contains loops only data from the first iteration of the loop is shown.
  • Checking in a template file allows you to try and publish it to your system as a survey.