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Release Date: January 8, 2016

This maintenance release was primarily focused around bug fixes for the Illume 6 product. Twelve bugs were fixed and the majority of those bugs dealt with Section 508 Accessibility standards within the classic rendering of Illume surveys.

This release also includes a few new features primarily to improve email processing and access to DatStat data through the API and Audit Utility.

New Features

  • The Rebex .NET component has been upgraded to the latest version so that email processing within Illume is more efficient.
  • When viewing the audit logs in Data Change, datagrid columns that identify users in the system now identify users by their usernames instead of their GUIDs.
  • Email Jobs are now processed asynchronously increasing email send performance.
  • The REST API survey results route now includes the previously hidden internal variables of ParticipantID, DiscoveryID, and UserID and a field has been added to the SurveyResults object to identify which variables map to which response values.
  • Users can now use the Audit Utility to pull the full audit history for all participants using the friendly name of a participant list or a survey.

Resolved Bugs


  • Question Tables and Multi-Control Questions properly label inputs within the cells of the tables with the response options that are used as the table headers so that these question types can now be configured to be 508 compliant.
  • Participant List columns that have scales validate both the codes and the labels for uniqueness regardless of the case of the value entered in the code or label field.
  • It is no longer possible to disable inherited participant list column scales that are in use by at least one participant on the list.
  • The offline installer for the desktop client now allows the user to upgrade their desktop client to the latest version without having to uninstall the previous version.
  • Loop variables that cannot be used in cross survey views are no longer listed in the Map Variables tab when creating a cross survey view.
  • Data Transfer actions no longer fail when changes to survey variables result is matching data dictionary names but different database IDs.
  • The participant modify privilege has been added back to the built in Participant Manager role.
  • By default, the Survey Title in surveys now uses H1 header tags in its HTML to appropriately designate the text as the page heading in accordance with 508 compliant guidelines.
  • All default text styling in surveys now has a 3:1 contrast ratio with the default survey background color as recommended by 508 compliant guidelines.
  • The progress bar is no longer included in the survey header by default.
  • Survey HTML now uses the lang attribute on the opening HTML tag to appropriately identify the language of the survey in accordance with 508 compliance guidelines.


  • Invalid database views are no longer causing internal server errors when trying to view a participant in Discovery.

Known Issues

  • Illume Installs with 500 or more surveys can’t see all of their surveys in the Data Change Module
  • The Survey Comments Summary feature in the desktop client does not display survey comments in the Review All Comments list.
  • Data Import fails when you have participant properties with defaults that are not defined in your import file
  • The report for failed participant assign actions is not detailed enough to inform the user of what they need to correct in order to retry the import successfully.
  • Participant fields created using data import cannot be added to data grid views until the user logs out and back in to the system.
  • Participant List Selection dialog when adding a survey to RDC does not fit all necessary content.
  • “Last modified by name” column header uses the database column name instead of the end user label in Discovery.
  • Hidden properties should be hidden from all data grids, not just the data grids when viewing participants.
  • Individual column filters for a datagrid in Data Change are not always blank by default.
  • When viewing/editing queries in Data Chagne the clear/”x” button does not work in the query details pane after updating the query
  • In RDC, the Participant List Selection dialog box is slightly cut off at the bottom making the last line of text difficult to read.
  • Unique state of properties in the Import participants modal Duplicate Participant Warnings section do not match configured states.
  • Data Change feature is not disabled when Data Change is not enabled in the license.
  • Improper dropdown menu shown while copying nested tasks.When viewing a submission in the data change module the “comment” column should be hidden and not required when making changes on a system that does not have auditing enabled.
  • Prompt headers are not displayed in question tables when taking an Illume survey.
  • The Reports table in Data Manager does not display the owner of reports listed in the table until the report has been published and the user logs out and back in to the system.
  • Assign actions should be removed when the participant list for the action group is changed.
  • Default values specified for participant list columns should not be able to have different data types that that of their questions.
  • Hidden tag is not supported for use with check all that apply questions.
  • Participant address remains in the participant information section of the participant details page even when the “Set participant properties” checkbox is unchecked.
  • When view the Scheduled Task Execute Events tab under the Study Task Events section, the message should say “No scheduled task execute events defined” instead of “No scheduled task runtime events defined.”
  • Text objects/headers in question tables cannot be copied and pasted.
  • Minimize, maximize, and close buttons are not available on data dictionary window when viewing the data dictionary from the survey manager.
  • Participant Assign Action on save shows the Study Arm GUID Value instead of the Study Arm Name.
  • Multiple workflow events can be added to study task, and milestone event sections if the user clicks the Add Workflow Event icon and closes the modal without clicking save several times in row without refreshing the page.
  • The value of Question Response Percentage does not take skipped questions into consideration when calculating.
  • Participant data properties cannot be used for survey authentication.
  • SDK GetResponseDataType does not return accurate information when variables does not exist in the survey.
  • Special characters (%$#) used in file names cannot be referenced from survey resources.
  • Selecting the “Resource” option in the style editor for Backgroundimage without adding a resource causes an exception.
  • When viewing an individual session data in the web console, if the survey contains loops only data from the first iteration of the loop is shown.
  • The Showif tag allows users to apply showif login for content inline, currently is a user embeds a piping tag with the statement only the inner tab is evaluated.
  • Add validation error for invalid variables in a loop summary tables.
  • Checking in a template file allows you to try and publish it to your system as a survey.
  • When using filters in Illume the “Equals to” operator throws an error if the user tries to use it to compare a Date to a Date/Time.
  • Users receive an unclear error message when trying to change the data type of a participant property that is already in use by participants on the participant list.
  • Calculations that are of type whole number cannot be piped into other question fields that are text data types.
  • Permissions on the application folder of Illume installs with the click once installer can prevent users from logging into the system.
  • Appointments for participants who have been exited from a study remain on the user Calendar.
  • Changing the control size setting in the survey style sheet for Radio/Checkbox input types does not actually change the size of those inputs in the survey.
  • Users cannot view audit log data in Data Change without the sessionGet privilege at the system level even if they are trying to view a session for a survey that they do have the sessionGet privilege for.