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Illume Server Disk Set version 6.0.19499

This latest version of 6.0 incorporates our compliance version of Data Change. Both the Data Change Module, as well as our newly revamped data import, are fully validated for compliance users, and ready to be used alongside our existing compliant Enterprise Manager and Data Manager applications.

As mentioned above, this version also introduces a new UI for managing data imports. Added, is a panel that may be opened by clicking on a gear icon. The icon is located at the bottom right corner of the window, to the right of the version number. Imports may now be paused and resumed, and a report may be generated for completed imports as well as failed imports. Only one import will be allowed at a time per user, and the panel will include details about each import, such as survey name and file name. Additionally, all data imports will now be performed as background tasks, allowing users to logout and login without interrupting their imports.

Resolved Bugs


  • Email alerts are now formatted to include the domain of where the message originated.
  • Some inconsistencies regarding switching to and from true/false data types were resolved.
  • Repository questions correctly update survey questions even when edited before approval.
  • Users without the “Participant Delete” privilege are no longer able to delete participants.
  • The audit trail now accurately reflects interviewers.
  • Tab-delimited data is now downloaded in UTF-8 instead of UTF-16.
  • Data Change grid is now compatible with IE8.


  • Datagrids in Chrome no longer scroll when scrolling is not necessary.
  • The study task filter is now retained when the datagrid is refreshed.
  • Nested study tasks now show the task name instead of the edit button when the user does not have permission to edit the task.


  • RestAPI now returns response values for test survey sessions.