Release Notes: Illume v5.1.1.19510

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New Features

  • New UI for managing data imports, and comes in the form of a panel that may be opened by clicking on a gear icon. The icon is located at the bottom right corner of the window, to the right of the version number.
  • Imports may now be paused and resumed, and a report may be generated for completed imports as well as failed imports. Only one import will be allowed at a time per user, and the panel will include details about each import, such as survey name and file name.
  • All data imports will now be performed as background tasks, allowing users to logout and login without interrupting their imports.

Resolved Bugs


  • Email alerts are now formatted to include the domain of where the message originated.
  • Some inconsistencies regarding switching to and from true/false data types were resolved.
  • Repository questions correctly update survey questions even when edited before approval.
  • Users without the “Participant Delete” privilege are no longer able to delete participants.
  • The audit trail now accurately reflects interviewers.
  • Tab-delimited data is now downloaded in UTF-8 instead of UTF-16.


  • Datagrids in Chrome no longer scroll when scrolling is not necessary.
  • The study task filter is now retained when the datagrid is refreshed.
  • Nested study tasks now show the task name instead of the edit button when the user does not have permission to edit the task.


  • RestAPI now returns response values for test survey sessions.