Release Notes: Illume v5.1.1.19297

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New Features

The Data Change Module is now available.

  • Update submitted data directly from within Illume.
  • Users with the appropriate permissions can enable surveys for data change, and are able to easily browse for the survey session which they would like to change without the need for an export and re-import.

The Data Change Module must be purchased and enabled in the system license.

Resolved Bugs


  • The default value on a derived list is now utilized when adding a participant from a master list to that derived list.
  • The Add Relation modal now handles the case when no relations are enabled on the associated derived list.
  • The datagrid of saved study templates is now visible immediately on load of the page, and is now longer adversely affected by zooming the page.
  • Email alerts are now sent with the priority specified.
  • The Do Not Contact flag now effects SMS messages.
  • The assign action is now only visible when a participant list is specified.
  • The data transfer action destination variable poplist is now populated correctly.
  • User Agreements can now be saved without specifying that they should be renewed periodically.
  • Integer custom properties with a scale can now be used to sort the datagrid.
  • Study imports where one of the surveys has no description is now handled.
  • Access to the software after disagreeing with the user agreement is restricted.
  • Bulk participant update in discovery has improved performance.
  • Clicking the Next or Submit button when there is a large multi-control question behaves correctly, without errors.
  • Error checking for data import is now done before starting the data import.
  • The second check all that apply question in a loop is now saved in the results table.
  • Site-level security has been applied to the viewing of survey results and the daily response summary.
  • The Email Job Send Log now includes the site of the participant being sent the email.


  • Nested survey schedule dates are now set based on the container item’s schedule date, instead of based on container item’s due date.
  • Instance occurrence for study items can now be chosen for non-nested study items.
  • The reason now listed for the Do Not Contact comment.
  • Bulk set study item status code performance.
  • Data import now processes workflow after each record is imported.
  • The milestone, study arm, and study now always have values in the session data, instead of just the RMS Survey.
  • Importing duplicates in survey session data import now works correctly.


  • The PageLayoutGuid property is now added to the IllumeSurvey SDK object.
  • Performance improvement for update actions using the RestAPI.
  • RestAPI scale values now return properly.
  • The RestAPI survey session get performance is improved.
  • The ApiDemoConsole code now works when adding multiple new survey sessions.
  • Posting multiple survey sessions using RestAPI now returns the proper result.