Release Notes: Illume v5.1.1.18545

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New Features

  • Datagrids will now size to the maximum viewing space available for the window, with paging becoming available when more than 200 rows are present.
  • Datagrids now have blue contrast rows.

Resolved Bugs


  • Fixed an issue so that multiple surveys can successfully collect at the same time when using Remote Data Collection.
  • Fixed a logging issue so that dependent email jobs will log the appropriate amount when not configured to verbose(4).
  • Fixed an issue so that participant datagrids no longer display the contents of the last page of participants also on the second to last page when the number of participants is evenly divisible by the number of rows per page.
  • Fixed an issue so that the import participants screen no longer retains the error state from an invalid previous import file.
  • Fixed an issue so that using a single quote in the user and user group information will not break Javascript.
  • Added previously missing text (“Add New Exclusion”) in the configuration screen of a data transfer action when there are multiple actions.
  • Fixed an issue so that the import participants modal gives the correct error when no import file is specified.
  • The “None” option is fixed for multicontrol tables so that when this option is selected, there will be no numbering.
  • Project name is now a required field.
  • Fixed an issue so that defaults do not overwrite participant selections in poplist question tables upon return to the page.
  • Fixed an issue so that viewing comments to a survey read-only preview will not freeze the software.
  • Fixed an issue so that non-required properties will not revert to default values on participant import.


  • Fixed an issue to disallow participants from being able to take a survey that was linked to a Discovery study more than one time.
  • Fixed an issue so that MilestoneUpdate and MilestoneAdd event actions are retried in the case of a deadlock.
  • Added a scroll bar in the study workflow screen so that items beyond the bottom of the screen can be accessed more easily.
  • Fixed an issue so that test data in Discovery can be deleted even when test participants have associated interviewers.
  • Fixed an issue so that participant property values are now piped successfully into Discovery surveys while using Remote Data Collection.
  • Fixed an issue so that contact log entry status code that is set automatically when a communication is completed will default to the built in final status, instead of the alphabetically first final status in the list.


  • Added an error message that was missing when a participant upload using the REST API failed.