Release Notes: Illume v5.1.1.18355

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New Features

  • A drop down menu for numbering options (ie. a.b.c… and 1)2)3)…) has been added to the numbering specification for multi-control question tables. The old style of using {1} and {0} for numbering and lettering will be supported for surveys upgraded from older versions, but is no longer available for new surveys or those surveys whose numbering is changed to any of the new drop down menu options.

Resolved Bugs


  • Fixed an issue so that data is saved correctly for multi-control tables when question prompts are randomized.
  • Fixed an issue so that checkboxes in multi-control questions will now work with hidden variables of type text and whole number, along with the yes/no type. Attempting to use any other types (ie. currency) will result in an error message while previewing the survey.
  • Improved security to the audit trail data so that only users with system level permissions for ParticipantsGet, UsersGet, and SurveyResultsQuery to projects and surveys will have access to the audit data.
  • Fixed an issue so that saved filters are retained after 4.11 to 5.1 upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue so that new required custom properties cannot be created and existing custom properties cannot be made required, as long as there are existing participants on the list without a value for that property.


  • Fixed an issue so that deactivated phone numbers are no longer marked as the primary number.
  • Fixed an issue so that contact logs now show the user that recorded the contact attempt.
  • Fixed an issue so that only one primary phone number is allowed at a time.