Release Notes: Illume v5.1.1.18118

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New Features

  • Account lockout will allow administrators to lock users’ accounts after a specified number of failed login attempts. Also available, are options to set the amount of time the specified max number of failed attempts must fall under for the lockout to occur, and also how long the lockout will be in place for.

Resolved Bugs


  • Fixed an issue so that the Email Job Log displays more columns (Send Date, Survey Name, Email Address, Error Code, Error Message) by default on a new install.
  • Fixed an issue so that invalid entries (such as negative numbers) are no longer able to be saved for password maximum age.
  • Fixed an issue so that password can be reset after maximum age has been exceeded.
  • Fixed an issue so that the “OK” button on the add email job confirmation screen no longer causes an error in IE 7.


  • Fixed an issue so that login data transfer actions use the correct source survey instance when there are multiple instances of that survey in the study workflow.
  • Fixed an issue so that participants with relations that have contact information can be deleted without error.


  • Electronic Signature DLL now stores the display name, if one exists, rather than the username.