Release Notes: Illume v5.1.1.18030

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Resolved Bugs


  • Fixed issue so that RDC displays the survey version.
  • Fixed issue where Participant Lists associated to the test-published version of a survey were attached to Action Groups for the published version of that survey.
  • Fixed issue so that selecting the green “Select All” button on data grids and choosing to bulk delete, now deletes all entries in the table.
  • Fixed issue so that now when Login variables used for authentication are changed between participant logins, the data set will reflect the new value for the variable.
  • Fixed issue so that now the first page of a survey loop requires only one click of the “back” button to return to when it is the first object in the survey.
  • Fixed issue so that the Assign action no longer clears out values for custom participant properties.
  • Fixed issue so that required multicontrol questions are correctly enforced in IE9.
  • Fixed issue so that unencrypted connections are allowed for email send and read.


  • Fixed issue so that tasks set to expire, now expire when their milestone is closed, and tasks in non-active milestones are prevented from firing.
  • Fixed issue so that Studies with empty Study Arms can now be imported without errors.
  • Fixed issue so that Scheduling Selected Surveys now works with the select all button.
  • Fixed issue so that all valid status codes are displayed in the dropdown menu when editing a study task in a participant’s workflow.
  • Fixed issue so that scheduling surveys as a bulk edit action works correctly.
  • Fixed the misspelling of the word “specified” on Import Study screen.


  • Fixed issue so that survey.IsTestPublished and survey.TestPublishGUID now return the correct value in the Rest API.