Release Notes: Illume v5.1.1.17939

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New Features

  • The ability to clone an action group within an event in Discovery.
  • The ability to clone a milestone into a different study arm.
  • The ability to clone a study task into a different study arm.

Resolved Bugs


  • “PB” prefix will always be used for page break IDs regardless of the prefix defined in collections and loops.
  • Fixed issue where data import was setting submission status even when the import did not submit the survey.
  • Fixed issue where required fields in 5.1 that were not required in 4.11 were not enabled on upgrade.
  • Fixed issue where sites were not visible on upgrade to 5.1.
  • Fixed issue with yes/no custom columns not saving.


  • Fixed application of quick filter options in the Study Overview Report.
  • Fixed issue where communication items in the Study Workflow Screen could not be exported.
  • Fixed terminology inconsistencies.


  • Fixed pre-authenticate hook sample in the SDK documentation.
  • Fixed null-ref exception when running Pre-authenticate hook code published in our SDK help documentation. Set the ParticipantData to non-null value when constructing a Participant class instance.
  • Fixed missing reference in the SDK documentation for ApiConnection.ConnectXAuth.
  • Fixed Rest API SurveyQuery object so that the Variables, Filters, Sort, and Survey properties are now populated.