Release Notes: Illume v5.1.1.17810

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New Features

  • Added DOCTYPE tag to collector pages.
  • Additions were made to the Study Design Overview. They include: Milestone scheduled and due dates to, Study Task and Nested Task scheduled dates, due dates, auto-expiration, and updated comments, Study Details, Study Arm Details, Milestone Details, Study Task Details, Nested Study Details, and available status codes for Milestones and Study Tasks. Also added, are statuses for Study Item Update, Study Item Add, Milestone Update Action, and Current Milestone. Update Comment ability for Milestone and Study Task was also changed.

Resolved Bugs


  • Changed method of determination for whether to post loop response data for querying or not based on the “runtime-only” checkbox.
  • Fixed RDC data sync issue for surveys that contain one or more loops. Resuming partial survey sessions now updates the existing synched data.
  • Data imported for test published surveys now uses the test publish time period, not the published one, and no longer counts toward the total number of submissions for the published version.


  • Fixed an issue where status codes for nested study items were being cleared when they were moved.


  • Fixed a connection leak when the Rest API is used with the Runtime SDK.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to authenticate into the Rest API. The problem was that the DesignerService\api was missing a web.config folder that allows for extension-less requests. We ship a web.config.template, but since this web.config has very little in it and shouldn’t be customized, we will instead ship a web.config.