Release Notes: Illume v5.1.1.17777

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New Features

  • Made sure all images have an alt=”” attribute and text boxes have exactly one label (where possible) to ensure 508 compliance and ease of survey rendering for accessibility users.

Resolved Bugs


  • Removed unnecessary error in validating precision and scale on a decimal participant list column.
  • Disallowed column names that included spaces when importing participants since these are invalid.
  • Fixed error with requesting audit data for a survey with loops without responses.
  • Fixed variable counting and enforcement in loops. Also provided a more helpful error message if the loop max is exceeded.
  • Fixed issue where survey results were not posting if the submission included questions that were marked as Runtime Only in a loop.
  • Fixed critical participant list problem where participants cannot be added/updated if the participant list contains 2 column names that differ only between a “.” and a “_”. e.g. TEST_1 and TEST.1
  • Changed hover text on surveys data grid from “Edit Survey” to “Survey Settings”.


  • Allowed survey prefix to be less than five characters in length when cloning surveys while importing a study.
  • Cleaned up text spacing for the StudyItemAdd, Study Task Update, MilestoneAdd, and MilestoneUpdate action descriptions (added a space before the word “plus.”
  • Nested items now autoexpire on their own due date, not their container item’s due date.


  • Fixed limitation whereby custom applications that use OAuth and the Rest API can only be deployed on the same machine as the WebUI application. The change was to not enforce the same hostname used for a session when it is created and when it is used.
  • Fixed Rest API problem reported by BluSky about being unable to create a new contact log form entry.
  • Fixed performance issue with WebServiceWrappers SDK when calling UpdateParticipant and AddParticipant methods when the lastFirstNameUnique, emailUnique, and customIdUnique parameter values are all false. This change will prevent a full querying of all participants and build-up of an internal hashtable used for uniqueness checking.
  • Allow UNC path names when adding an SDK hook dll to a survey.