Release Notes: Illume v5.1.1.17682

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New Features

  • Comment box for deactivation reason added to the process of deactivating a participant contact entry.
  • Comment box added to the data import for auditing purposes.

Resolved Bugs


  • Added “ReasonForChange” to the Audit Trail download utility.
  • Allowed excluded variables when setting up a pre-load action in RMS.
  • Added the ability to add a “reason for change” comment when doing a data import. Also set up some properties on DataImport to indicate that event firing should be suppressed.
  • Enabled RDC “Collect Data” button for test participants. This will also allow a survey to be taken more than once for a test participant.
  • Allowed the Alert Log to accept SMS alerts and also set the send date.
  • Fixed issue where case owner was unable to expand nested study items when viewing a participant


  • Allowed nested items’ due dates to be set negatively, relative to their container item’s due date.
  • When deactivating an address/email/phone, the properties are cleared out if these address/email/phone entries are set as participant (relation) properties.  There is a warning to the user indicating that this will happen.
  • Added the ability to deactivate phone/address/email.
  • Enabled editing of phone numbers and email addresses for participant relations.
  • Made sure validation of the relative days/months text box disallows decimal places in the milestone and study item action editors.
  • Made sure Due Date is validated along with Schedule Date when adding editing study items.
  • Made sure to only import ParticipantAddActions that are specific to the study, and to update the destination list of the ParticipantAddAction to the newly created derived list for the study
  • Fixed issues with ordering of nested study items in views.
  • Fixed several issues with importing/exporting survey post-auth events.
  • Made sure the ParticipantRelationEditor displays only controls for the contact properties that are enabled in the Participant List
  • Reinstated the “Best time to reach” field.
  • Added a custom confirm dialog to warn users, and to capture a reason for deactivating an address/phone/email.
  • Disallowed updating of participant properties via editing contact information when certain participant properties have been disabled.
  • Fixed bug in column editor that disallowed built-in columns to use built-in property groups.
  • Deactivated the current address/email/phone number if any of the contact information has changed.
  • Removed address note supplied by the system: “Address was added by updating one or more…”
  • Allowed participant relations’ addresses to be edited directly in the relation editor.
  • Validated that an audit comment was supplied when necessary. Changed error message.
  • Disallowed custom columns to be placed in built-in property groups.


  • Fixed Rest API illumesurveys/ endpoint so that the results always correspond to the last published version of the survey. Needed to fix CachedSurveyDocumentGetInternal() method so that it handles a SurveyActionEntryId value of 0 (which means to retrieve the entry id for the last published version).
  • Implemented the option to suppress events when submitting a survey. This is only implemented in SQLServerCollectorProvider and events can only be suppressed via data import.
  • Added ReasonForChange and SuppressEvents as optional inputs for data import in the API/SDK.
  • Fixed Null-ref exception that results from handling a request time out error in the SDK ApiConnection.RequestGET, POST, and DELETE methods.
  • Allowed data dictionary entries to be fetched using the Rest API for the test published version of a survey. This is performed by appending an optional “testsurvey=true” query string value to the /dictionaryentries Uri.
  • When executing a survey results query with a test publish survey, make sure and fetch the data dictionary for test publish version instead of the production version.
  • Fixed the Rest API and set the IllumeSurvey IsTestPublished and TestPublishGuid property values.
  • Fixed the Rest API so that all survey sessions can be retrieved for a given Participant.

Known Issues in the Current Build

  • Additional fixes to Audit Trail Download Utility in progress for the next release.