Release Notes: Illume v5.1.1.17511

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New Features

  • When Importing a Study the user now has the choice to clone all surveys being imported in the file. The user is also able to provide a New Survey Prefix for all cloned surveys.

Resolved Bugs

  • Query string length exceeds the configured maxQueryStringLength value when attempting to display an error to the user.  This problem would also cause the application pool to terminate unexpectedly.
  • Corrected issue where Participant lists that began with Participants marked as Do Not Contact would not export any participant information
  • Removed unnecessary Event Error Message that was shown when editing an Appointment
  • Corrected issue where a participant could be marked as Active in two Milestones after Changing Study Arms, Exiting, then Unexiting
  • Corrected issue where a Max path exceeded error can result when Remote Data Collection is used with RMS surveys preventing checkout or downloading
  • Corrected Error that appears when decimals are entered when scheduling study items
  • Corrected issue where a Study Survey could not be manually authenticated in RDC
  • Reversed the Scheduled Date and Due Date in Study Task Add Action
  • Corrected “DueDate” Error when adding a Study Survey in RDC
  • Rest API – allow for custom error message when invalid variable is specified in a participant list query filter
  • REST API – provided simple way to fetch all columns of survey result data
  • Corrected issue where the REST SDK did not return Null custom property values in the participant data hash
  • Removed Block List Get and Block List Modify from the user role list as they are not used in 5.x
  • Corrected issue where Nested study item events were being added multiple times when cloning the entire milestone
  • Corrected issue when Nesting Study Tasks did not update the tree
  • Corrected issue where Sites were available when creating Derived lists when they were not enabled in the Master List
  • Corrected issue where a participant list could not be deleted if it was referenced in the email send log
  • Corrected issue where an Error occurred  when trying to delete a survey with survey login events
  • Corrected issue where Container Task was not closing nested tasks when closed
  • Corrected issue where user is unable to delete and unsubmit submissions from test published surveys that do not have a published version