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New Features

  • Data change prevents users from modifying survey sessions that are actively being taken by participants. When trying to modify submission data that is actively being taken by a participant the data change page will show messaging to the user and lock down the edit options on the page.
  • Users can now access the Data Change module in a read-only mode. If a user has access to Data Change, but no session modify privilege they will now be able to access data change to view submission and audit data, but will not have permissions to change submission data.
  • Messaging is now shown to users who try and click the icon to bring up running background tasks when none are available to view.

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Resolved Bugs


  • The survey setting to expire participant survey sessions was not working. When configured, this setting property sends participants to the login page when they take an action on an expired survey session.
  • It was possible for Site scales to become out of sync between master and derived lists in the system. It is no longer possible to get into this state and any out of sync scales are fixed on upgrade.
  • Participant add actions now properly work for authenticated surveys. Previously, it was required to specify a source participant list to configure an add action for an authenticated survey.
  • The projects pop-out menu in Data Manager now properly excludes grabbing system email job and participant list information. This data has now been moved to Enterprise Manager and no longer needs to be listed.
  • It is now possible to change data types of a custom participant list property that contains a scale as long as the defined scale and current participant values do not conflict with the change.
  • It is now possible to set child participant properties to required when their parent is required. Previously, if you had a State property that was a child of Country it was not possible for state to be set to required if Country was configured as required.
  • Data transfer actions would not function properly when variable name changes happened and participants had submissions with the previous variable name. These actions are no longer tied to the friendly variable name within the survey.
  • It is no longer possible for users without the participant delete privilege to delete a participant list containing participants.
  • User roles are no longer cleared when editing a user in Enterprise Manager and an error is thrown in the user edit modal.
  • User roles are properly hidden from users that do not have the view roles privilege for the system. Previously the roles page link was available, but produced a server error for the user.
  • When survey variables have periods in the name they will now automatically map when linking surveys together in cross survey views.
  • Improved error messaging when users try and delete an email job when that email job cannot be deleted because a dependent email job is configured.
  • It is no longer to copy survey questions into the survey preload/hidden variable list.
  • Participant Manager role was updated to properly not be able to create, modify or delete entire participant lists.
  • Users with the Email Manager role will no longer receive errors when viewing some pages within Data Manager.


  • Unpublished surveys configured in workflow would cause an internal server error when making configuration changes. It is now possible to configure unpublished surveys into workflow, but actions can only be configured for published surveys.
  • There is no longer an incorrect error message when cloning a study task and clicking the save button directly. Previously, if users did not tab or click out of the text box before clicking save a duplicate name error was shown.
  • Removing task expiration from a parent study task no longer clears the expiration of the nested child study tasks.
  • Cleaned up some terminology inconsistencies within the Discovery interface.
  • When you re-enable a study arm within Discovery it is now immediately available to be expanded in the workflow tree. Previously, you could not expand that study arm until the page was refreshed.

Data Change

  • ¬†Users with only the build in Data Changes role were not being granted access to the Data Change module. Permissions for this role have been fixed to ensure users with this role can perform data change actions.
  • Opening data queries in Data Change now requires both the query open and add permissions on the system. Previously, users could add a query, but could not have the permissions to view queries in the system.
  • Users are no longer shown an internal server error when trying to export a data grid when no data columns are selected.
  • Duplicate Participant ID columns have been removed from data grids.
  • The top row in the data grid is no longer selected when applying a filter to the data grids within data change.
  • When removing an associated variable from a data query, that variable is returned to the variable selection list in proper alphabetical. Previously, the variable would be found at the bottom of the list.