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New Features

  • New collector rendering template available. Existing surveys can also be upgraded to this new rendering.
  • The remote data collection interface was improved and made more user-friendly for RDC users.
  • A completed with errors state has been added for background tasks (participant, case owner, and data imports). The server tasks panel will show a yellow status when some, but not all rows were imported.

For more detail visit What’s New in Illume Next

Resolved Bugs


  • The Not Started and Total counts for authenticated surveys were including all participants in the system, rather than just the ones associated to the selected survey. This issue has been addressed, and the counts now reflect the correct numbers.
  • Derived lists that are used in studies are now available to be associated to surveys not included in the same study.
  • Cloning an email job and adding a “#” in the name would cause all characters after the “#” to be removed upon save. This issue is fixed.
  • When attempting to delete a survey used in a study from the Survey Manager, the error message now clearly states to the user that the survey cannot be deleted due to its association with a study.
  • Expiration Date column in the Users table now shows a blank value for users that do not expire, rather than the date Dec 31, 9999.
  • Participant Update actions in an action group separate from a Participant Add action now update the original participant, rather than the newly added participant.
  • The presence of loop data no longer prevents data imports from altering values of other variables in the survey session.
  • Emails were prevented from being sent when the DATSTAT_LANGUAGE property was disabled on the associated list. This issue has been fixed.
  • Studies could be created without a name. The name field is now required.
  • Reordering multiple select one question options at once was causing the options to disappear. The drag and drop operation no longer causes this issue.
  • The survey name is now added to the title of the Survey Submit Event page for context.
  • Surveys are no longer shown as selected in the Data Transfer action editor. This had caused confusion, as the selected survey was only displayed by default, and not actually selected.
  • The confirm password field is now always enforced when creating a new or temporary password using the Edit User modal.
  • There was an issue where an error was occurring when editing the DATSTAT_TEST property on derived participant lists. This has been fixed.
  • The Windows Service/DatStat Service now refreshes, and immediately reflects changes made to the application settings.
  • Web applications now default to using IE Edge document mode in Internet Explorer.
  • Two issues were fixed regarding the disappearance of scale values for DATSTAT_SITE and DATSTAT_LANGUAGE. In the first case, if the property was edited, the scales were no longer available. In the second case, if all of the scale values were deleted from the master list, the derived scale values were no longer connected to the master scale values.


  • The LoginID was not included in the survey URLS sent from email communications nested under survey study tasks. This issue has been fixed, and participants using those URLs are now auto-authenticated into the survey.
  • Emails were prevented from being sent when the DATSTAT_LANGUAGE property was disabled on the associated list. This issue has been fixed.
  • Randomization is now successful when configured as a scheduled task execute action.
  • Exported studies that contained data transfer actions were not able to be imported. This issue has been fixed.

Data Change

  • The audit log column named “Parent Object Name” is now revised to say “Survey”.
  • Group headers were causing an error in Data Change. This has been fixed.
  • The Data Changer role now allows users with this role to view and change data in Data Change.
  • The datagrid column filter options are now in alphabetical order, so that users can more easily find the columns they would like add or remove from the datagrid.
  • When a survey is disabled for Data Change in Data Change Administration, the survey is now returned to the list of available surveys in its correct position alphabetically.
  • Long survey names in the available surveys dropdown menu in Data Change Administration are now no longer cut off when the smart search is used.
  • Check all that apply questions are now updated when their response options are updated in Data Change.
  • Data Change was unsuccessful for survey variables with scales. This issue has been fixed.


NOTE: On upgrade to Illume Next, custom work using the SDK may need to be rebuilt. Reach out to DatStat Support for more information before attempting an upgrade.

  • Missing or invalid OAuth signature caused an internal server error. The correct response (bad request) is now returned.
  • SDK user objects now include user group names.