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Release Date: September 14, 2015

This maintenance release was primarily focused around bug fixes for the Illume Next product. Twenty-seven bugs were fixed, but the most notable fixes were around permissions in the product not functioning as expected and usability of survey manager and surveys.

This release also includes a few new features all of which are focused around improving the usability of Illume surveys.

New Features

  • Users would like to be notified of new product features and other DatStat promotional content, such as DatStat Academy, each time they receive a product upgrade.
  • Help links throughout the Illume Next product should be updated to direct users to the new product documentation location, DatStat Academy.
  • Illume administrative users need to restrict access to data more granularly so that their users can be given the ability to query data without also being given the ability to download that data from the system.
  • Question table prompt headers should be displayed in the mobile rendering of a responsive Illume Next survey.
  • Users with complex surveys want a classic rendering survey template with updated UI elements so that, like users of the responsive template, they do not have to spend so much time customizing the styles of their surveys.
  • Illume Next users would like the ability to completely turn off question numbering in both their classic and responsive surveys, instead of always being forced to use either a number or an icon.
  • The padding between questions in the responsive rendering surveys has been reduced from 35px to 25px to improve the fluidity of questions within a survey.
  • Users expect the default page text for miscellaneous survey pages to be the same between the classic and responsive rendering surveys.

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Resolved Bugs


  • Users that do not have view permissions for surveys, communications, custom tasks, or scheduled tasks can no longer see those objects in the participant progress view.
  • End users can no longer see study workflow navigation options (such as Participant Appointments) when they do not have corresponding view permissions.
  • The Help option under the Help menu in the Illume Next desktop client now takes the user to DatStat’s help documentation even when the user is working locally or has been disconnect from their system.
  • HTML tags and special character encodings are no longer displayed as plain text in loop summary tables in Illume Next surveys.
  • Users are now able to set inherited participant properties to be unique even if the master list property is not unique so that each list that is derived from a single master list can maintain uniqueness of a property independent of the other derived lists.
  • Inherited custom participant list properties and sites will no longer be wiped out if the user opens the edit participant list modal and saves it prior to the complete list of custom properties or sites loading into the custom properties and sites tabs.
  • Users can no longer change or delete scale codes from participant list properties once a participant on the list is using that scale code.
  • Users working with classic rendering surveys can once again use the single item preview feature for multi-control questions and multi-control question tables.
  • Survey variable references are now being properly updated if the user changes the name of a survey variable that is being used in show-if logic on other survey variables.
  • In responsive rendering surveys, HTML tags no longer skew the alignment of prompts and their question numbers or inputs and their response option text.
  • Responsive rendering surveys are no longer using Roboto as their default font family so that surveys do not periodically render with “serif” style fonts.
  • When using Remote Data Collection, the participant modal is now displaying accurate statuses for Discovery surveys.
  • If a user tries to create scale options for a custom participant list property that have duplicate labels, the resulting error no longer wipes out the configured scale options.
  • Users are no longer prevented from deleting participant lists that have saved filters on them. Messaging that confirms the users intentions to delete a list has also been updated to warn the user of the content that will also be deleted once the list has been deleted.
  • “Send Count” is no longer a filter option for users trying to filter the Email Jobs page.
  • Error messaging has been made more descriptive on the Participant List page when a user tries to import a file that uses a file extension that is not supported by DatStat’s import features.
  • Custom study terms are longer converted to all lowercase letters.
  • Users can now configure action group conditions using the “Does Not Have a Value” option for variables with yes/no data types.
  • When a survey is used in Discovery there is a “survey occurrence” radio option group when configuring data transfer actions in action groups. Now this option is also available for Illume only surveys that use time periods.
  • The maximum characters setting for commentary question types in surveys no longer unexpectedly changes from the standard 8,000 to a very high number when a user returns to the question to edit.
  • User will now receive a friendly error message instead of an internal server error when running a query in Data Manager that returns more than 4,000 variables.


  • Users that do not have view permissions for surveys, communications, custom tasks, or scheduled tasks can no longer see those objects in the participant progress view.
  • End users can no longer see study workflow navigation options (such as Participant Appointments) when they do not have corresponding view permissions.
  • Users can once again import participants with custom properties whether those properties are pre-defined on the list or whether they are created on import of the participant.
  • When viewing the Participant Studies section of a participant, users will no longer see all studies that are being fed participants from lists that have been derived from the same master list. Instead they will only see the study that the participant has explicitly been added to.
  • Data Transfer actions are no longer failing when the user selects the Map All Variables option to automatically map survey variables with identical names

Data Change

  • Data Change users can now use data change to update the values of survey variables with Yes/No data types.
  • When using Data Change to update survey variable values, the Review and Clear All buttons that appear to the user after they decide to edit a variable in a submission now appear at the bottom of the page right above the page footer.

Known Issues

  • Available/Selected countries list is not available when creating a new participant list until after the participant list type has been designated.
  • Question Table and Multi-Control Question Tables in Ilume Next do not pass 508 compliance browser testing tools like WAVE.
  • Getting an error when trying to delete a study with excessive status codes.
  • Gregorian time formats are not supported system locales and throw internal server errors when selected in System Defaults
  • There is no client validation for predefined text formats for text questions in Illume Next.
  • Max character validation is handled differently between the classic and responsive renderings.
  • Participant List Selection dialog when adding a survey to RDC does not fit all necessary content.
  • “Last modified by name” column header uses the database column name instead of the end user label in Discovery.
  • Hidden properties should be hidden from all data grids, not just the data grids when viewing participants.
  • Individual column filters for a datagrid in Data Change are not always blank by default.
  • Alternate PID shows on the submission page details in Data Change even if the Alternate PID is blank.
  • For an SMS alert in IE, the “from” and “sms template” fields that are available when setting up submit workflow events for surveys have a value of null instead of being blank.
  • In RDC, the Participant List Selection dialog box is slightly cut off at the bottom making the last line of text difficult to read.
  • Iteration label does not show up in summary tables for pre-defined loops.
  • Unique state of properties in the Import participants modal Duplicate Participant Warnings section do not match configured states.
  • Data Change feature is not disabled when Data Change is not enabled in the license.
  • Improper dropdown menu shown while copying nested tasks.
  • Data collector role cannot launch surveys from the Survey Manager.
  • When viewing a submission in the data change module the “comment” column should be hidden and not required when making changes on a system that does not have auditing enabled.
  • Prompt headers are not displayed in question tables when taking an Illume survey.
  • Check all questions in loops show null values in session data when the question has been displayed to the survey taker, but no options were selected.
  • Assign actions should be removed when the participant list for the action group is changed.
  • Default values should not be able to have different data types that that of their questions.
  • Hidden tag is not supported for use with check all that apply questions.
  • Participant address remains in the participant information section of the participant details page even when the “Set participant properties” checkbox is unchecked.
  • When view the Scheduled Task Execute Events tab under the Study Task Events section, the message should say “No scheduled task execute events defined” instead of “No scheduled task runtime events defined.”
  • Text objects/headers in question tables cannot be copied and pasted.
  • Minimize, maximize, and close buttons are not available on data dictionary window when viewing the data dictionary from the survey manager.
  • Participant Assign Action on save shows the Study Arm GUID Value instead of the Study Arm Name.
  • Multiple workflow events can be added to study task, and milestone event sections if the user clicks the Add Workflow Event icon and closes the modal without clicking save several times in row without refreshing the page.
  • The value of Question Response Percentage does not take skipped questions into consideration when calculating.
  • Participant data properties cannot be used for survey authentication.
  • SDK GetResponseDataType does not return accurate information when variables does not exist in the survey.
  • Special characters (%$#) used in file names cannot be referenced from survey resources.
  • Selecting the “Resource” option in the style editor for Backgroundimage without adding a resource causes an exception.
  • When viewing an individual session data in the web console, if the survey contains loops only data from the first iteration of the loop is shown.
  • The Showif tag allows users to apply showif login for content inline, currently is a user embeds a piping tag with the statement only the inner tab is evaluated.
  • Add validation error for invalid variables in a loop summary tables.
  • Checking in a template file allows you to try and publish it to your system as a survey.